School Competitor List

World Tae Kwon Do School (Las Vegas) Competitors

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Check call times here to see when to report to staging.
The first digit of your group number determines your event as follows:
  • 1/2: Color Belt poomsae
  • 3/4: Color Belt sparring
  • 6: Black Belt traditional poomsae
  • 7: Black Belt sparring

Black Belt Sport Poomsae groups do not have group numbers. All Sport Poomsae competitors are to report to the Sport Poomsae rings promptly at 8:15 AM.

  1. Daniel Park (Group(s): 727)
  2. gunner pyne (Group(s): 402)
  3. Joma Cueto (Group(s): 737)
  4. Julia Park (Group(s): 357)
  5. Justin Tranz II (Group(s): 158, 416)
  6. Lupeinez Muniz (Group(s): 739)
  7. Maximus Bell (Group(s): 123, 337)