Black Belt Traditional Poomsae

What is Traditional Poomsae?

Traditionally, poomsae in the black belt divisions were performed based on rank. Although the trend is to get poomsae competitors to transition to the challenging format of Sport Poomsae, the JKIOC recognizes the need to give poomsae competitors the opportunity to compete in the traditional format.

How is Traditional Poomsae Scored?

At the JKI, traditional poomsae will be scored based on the WTF technical and presentation standards. The scoring range will be between 5.0 and 10.0 with the average performance receiving a score of 7.0. Depending on time constraints, poomsae may perform one at a time or two at a time.

  • Competitors who wish to compete in both sparring and poomsae should compete in traditional poomsae not sport poomsae.