Black Belt Sport Poomsae

What is Sport Poomsae?

Sport Poomsae is a World Taekwondo (WT) standardized poomsae competition. The technical aspects are defined by the WT. The presentation or performance aspects are also defined for power, range of motion and gracefulness.

The JKI Sport Poomsae Format?

This year the JKIOC will use the Olympic Repechage method of competition. This is a head to head competition format with the athletes losing to the finalists a chance for bronze medals.

Uniform Requirements

White Taekwondo uniforms with black collars are acceptable for sport poomsae competition. Poomsae uniforms are preferred. Female poomsae athletes 17 and younger may wear the poomsae uniform with red pants. 17 and younger males may wear poomsae uniforms with blue pants. Senior males, black pants and senior females with blue pants

Sport Poomsae Chart