Black Belt Sport Poomsae

What is Sport Poomsae?

At the JKI, we used a modified WTF world championship format. Sport Poomsae athletes are required to perform multiple poomsae based on their age category. Each division has 8 designated poomsaes to choose from. Multiple rounds may be necessary depending on the number of participants in the division. Pairs competition requires a male and female athlete in the same age category. Teams are comprised of 3 males or 3 females.

The JKI Sport Poomsae Format?

If there are 8 or less black belt athletes in a division, the division will go straight to the final round to select 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medalists. In the case of more than 8 athletes, the division will perform the semi-final round to select the top 8 finalists. The top 4 medalist will be determined after the conclusion of the final round. Poomsae Pro system will be used for scoring. 4.0 points form technical score and 6.0 points for the presentation score for a total possible score of 10.0.

Uniform Requirements

White Taekwondo uniforms with black collars are acceptable for sport poomsae competition. Poomsae uniforms are preferred. Female poomsae athletes 17 and younger may wear the poomsae uniform with red pants. 17 and younger males may wear poomsae uniforms with blue pants. Senior males, black pants and senior females with blue pants

Sport Poomsae Chart